Serving God In the Midst of Adversity

Life is filled with uncertainties, and sometimes misfortunes or hardships. In the Bible, there are many characters who encountered such mishaps, nonetheless, God’s mighty hand delivered them through tumultuous times. Abraham and Sarah, Job, Ruth, Esther, David, Jonah, Jesus, Stephen, Peter, and Paul are some great biblical examples of individuals who had to endure tests and trials before coming out victorious. Aside from these well-known biblical characters, I am pretty sure many of us have encountered tough times or challenges in our lives.

Our challenges could range anywhere from the loss of a loved one or job, or individuals walking out of innermost circles or feeling betrayed or neglected by someone close to us, to being let down by someone close or a little distant in relation to our expectations. No matter how bad a situation we face may be, the good news is that we serve a living and ever-present Father who will come through for us right in the midst of the various adversities we experience in different phases and changing scenes of our respective lives.

My wife and I were expecting a baby girl whose expected delivery date happens to be today March 1st, 2019. We had showed up at our regularly-scheduled doctor appointments, and our daughter Elise Moriah Akita was in perfect health. At one of such appointments on Wednesday October 3rd, 2018 we found out the gender, and my wife and I were super excited, although both of us wanted to have a boy first.

On Sunday, October 14th, 2018, my sister Mercy and her husband Sam had organized a little gender reveal party for a few of the people who are close to us back in Worcester, Massachusetts. We all had a great experience over a video call as our friends found out the gender of the baby, since my wife and I live in Dallas, Texas. On Thursday, October 18th, 2018, around 2 am, my wife complained of lower abdominal and back pains after she had gotten up a little earlier to try and walk it off. After a little while, she came to lay in bed, and I decided to massage her back and pray for her using scriptures in the Bible for about 2 hours.

At around 4 am that morning, my wife felt so much better to the point where she was able to take a shower. I also decided to take a shower when she was done. My wife started experiencing a second bout of abdominal pain just before I got out of the shower. She felt the urge to use the bathroom only to discover that she was bleeding. I reached out to one of my good brothers, who joined me in prayer and was a source of encouragement in our moment of difficulty. At that point, I rushed my wife to the emergency unit, where we discovered our baby had lost her heartbeat at almost 21 weeks, leading to stillbirth.

The passing of our daughter left us very devastated, but thankfully we had a wonderful nurse Cindy who made our unpleasant situation a bit bearable. She encouraged us and made sure we made the most of the hours we spent with our daughter at the delivery ward. She also captured beautiful photos of Elise, which will be etched on my wife’s heart as well as mine forever. We also visited the office of a Christian and Licensed Professional Counselor some weeks later, who listened to our story and provided counsel which was centered on principles in the Bible, Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

One of the catchphrases my wife and I used for our wedding was “Unlocking God’s Story,” and that line has been the central theme in our marriage. God joined us together for a purpose greater than us, and it is our desire to share our story with others to serve as a source of encouragement and testify to the goodness of God. Life is not only about sharing the highlights, but also shedding light on the troubles we encounter to remind others of the never-ending, reckless love of God. There is always purpose behind the pains we experience, and there is always a test before the greater testimony.

At God’s appointed time, my wife and I will share our testimony to serve as proof of His never-failing love. After all, He gave us the courage and strength to open up and share this story to bless others. We should serve God at all times because He is indeed a good Father. In the upcoming series, I will cover the stories of the aforementioned biblical characters and how they overcame and served God through adversity. To wrap up, here is one of the scripture readings that stands out and gives us so much hope for what lies ahead:

“Instead of shame and dishonor,
you will enjoy a double share of honor.
You will possess a double portion of prosperity in your land,
and everlasting joy will be yours.”- Isaiah 61:7

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  1. Vanessa A
    Vanessa A says:

    What a beautiful message.Yes indeed when we are going through our darkest times we feel like all is lost but we must remember that it is during the time when God truly reveals our purpose to us.I know in my heart that God is using our angel Elise to illicit something bigger so you can be a platform for those who have not quite find the silver lining.God bless you guys and happy born day to our Elise Moriah Akita-Forever in our hearts.


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