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My name is Cynthia Akita. I am currently 24, and got married about 3 months ago at the age of 23. I have known “church” all of my life, however, I had to come to know Christ for myself and it has never been a regret of mine. By denomination, I am Pentecostal, however, denominations are not important as long as we are speaking from the same Bible.

I created this blog because a close friend of mine would not let me live! She felt that she could learn a lot more from me if I just put all of my thoughts and advice into a blog, and so here it is!. This blog space will be used to give my thoughts on questions that have been posed to me, my life experiences, and other things that I may find helpful for individuals that are married, in a relationship, or are thinking about entering into a relationship.

I do want to stress that these are my thoughts and opinions. I am in no way forcing anyone to follow my advice. Instead, I am offering help in areas that I have possible experience in. Please feel free to comment questions, concerns, and thoughts. I do ask that we all remain respectful and use appropriate language. If not, I’ll just have to delete your comments. I hope that this place becomes a space where we can all interact, share our views, and also learn something. If you do see something you like or agree with, don’t forget to let me know and then also share it with someone who you feel can also benefit from it.

Let’s share the knowledge! Welcome to Young, Married, and Saved!

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