A Better Me

By: Cynthia Akita

Devotionals that will INSPIRE, CREATE, and DEVELOP a better YOU for GOD

We live in a world where we constantly recognize people for their selfless deeds or their generosity, and we make them an example for all. It’s necessary that we become those people, but not with the mindset of getting recognized. Instead, doing it for God should be our ultimate pleasure. In this devotional, you will move at your own pace and study skills and traits that can help you become the greatest example of Christ as long as you avail yourself.

This isn’t your ordinary devotional! With each chapter, you are challenged to have discussions, pray, and even act out the skills and traits you have learned. You are given the opportunity to grow your relationship with God through personal bible studies and applications. Do yourself a favor and carry out God’s will for your life through the use of these traits. Develop into a better you for God’s glory.

“Treat this book as if it were your own personal counseling session. Be honest with yourself and yield the best fruits.”

-Cynthia Akita


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