Budgeting for the wedding

The question:

“How did you budget for your wedding?”

So, we didn’t really have too much of a realistic budget for our wedding. We didn’t really sit down and estimate how much things were going to cost or allocate percentages to each category of vendors. We just figured that our family spent around that much and more and so we didn’t want to tap into the “more” side. We set our budget at $20,000. Now, in the Ghanaian culture, we have a dowry that has to be paid by the groom, and so that dowry was not included in the 20,000 budget. We thought that the dowry would be somewhere around $5,000 and so we were also saving for that as well.

So personally, I believe that you should pay someone what they are worth, especially because I’m a business owner and completely hate it when people tell me something is too expensive when it actually isn’t. Throughout our planing process, we spoke to different vendors and told them what we felt would be more affordable for us as it related to their services. We were not picky about what we wanted. We had two items that were extremely important to us that we were willing to spend more money on and those things were the venue and the photography. Those two items meant the most to us and so we secured those things first. As for the other aspects, we looked into different vendors to see where we could find the better deals, and we negotiated as well. If a price was quoted that we felt we could not handle, we simply let people know that we could not afford their services and we were thankful for their time.

I think it’s a better idea to set a budget and try to stick to it as much as possible. There are several wedding websites that help you allocate money to each category required to make your wedding a success. Take a moment to use that or at least get some ideas from it. Whatever you do, don’t focus on a particular picture that you’ve seen. Most of the photos I looked at and wanted for myself were from people that were beyond wealthy. They had the type of money they needed in order to create the design they wanted. You will be able to create a better ambiance and design with a budget you can afford. Be creative and think of designs that you personally feel will accent your wedding venue. If there are things that you can make with your bridesmaids in order to save money, go ahead and do them. It’ll create fun memories either way.

If I could give any bit of advice, I would say that you should do what you can afford. Every wedding is unique and although it looks pretty to have flowers everywhere, and amazing lighting, it’s really the love witnessed between the couple that makes the wedding great. Do not go into debt for your wedding. Stay away from credit cards. If you don’t physically have the money, then don’t spend. Also, don’t rely on money that you are yet to receive. We all know that guests tend to give money at weddings. Don’t assume that you will get a certain amount and then allocate that money to the caterer or the florist. If you don’t physically have the money, DON’T SPEND!

Be mindful of your spending in the years or months leading up to the wedding. Get in a habit of spending when it is absolutely necessary. Don’t spend all your time going out to restaurants in order to keep up appearances with friends. Find something relatively cheap or inexpensive to do. Either way, I’m sure your friends will understand that you’re saving for a wedding and so you don’t have the desire to spend outside of your budget.

Always keep your planning in prayer. Although the dowry cost us a bit more money, we were not worried about the fact that we didn’t have all the cash ready at face value. However, we trusted that with all of this being God’s idea, He would come through in every aspect. We had people that were offering to pay for our honeymoon, and our Sunday cookout was not funded by us in any way. My coworkers actually took that on and went ahead to purchase items and season the meat for us. God bless them so much. God made a way for everything to happen beautifully and smoothly and now we’re married and able to share the testimony.

MARRIAGE IS A BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY! Don’t spend a chunk of the first months or years paying off debts for a wedding that only lasted a couple of hours. The marriage is more important. Don’t focus so much on the hype of the wedding day.

Our Vendors
Venue: Mechanics Hall
Caterer: Gold Coast Catering
Decor: Fantasy Decor
Photography: Studio Eveliz
Cinematography: Rekington Media
Bridal Party Hair Styling: [Adorned by Abi] Abigail Walker
Bride’s Make-Up: [My Sick Addiction Make Up] Mrs. Elsie Whyte
Bridal Party Make-Up: [Crowned by Glory] Denise Obeng & Vanessa Agyekum

Here are a few photos

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