HOLIDAY SPECIAL! How should we spend our Holidays?

Hello Everyone!

Merry Merry Christmas to you all! I wish the best for you all this Christmas. I hope you are enjoying the company of friends and family. Today, I thought to give you something that was holiday related, but just know that you can apply this to any other important day of life. The holidays aren’t the ONLY days we should spend with family. Enjoy!!!

The question:

“How should we spend the Holidays? Should I spend it with my own family, his family or just the two of us alone?”

Spend it with his family: Get to know his family. I know it’ll be hard to break away from your immediate family during the Christmas holiday, but soon enough, his family will also be your family, and so it’s important to build a relationship with them. Usually, it’s very easy to win the father’s heart, but go there with the aim of winning his mother’s heart. He’s his mom’s little boy, and she will most likely be the most protective over him. Show her that you are a good fit for her son and help her feel comfortable with you. Also, take the time to build relationships with siblings. You may meet some very strong personalities, but just remember that if you love him, you’ll love his family as well because he’s an extension of who they are.

Spend it with your family: Has he met your side of the family yet? Do they know enough about him? Take the opportunity to introduce him to your friends and your family if the time is right. I’ve come to understand that when your parents are more fond of the person you’re dating, they’re more likely to feel comfortable with you guys spending time together without supervision. If they are able to talk to him and explain that you’re their baby girl and that they want the best for you, it gives them the opportunity to feel understood and determine whether they feel that your mate is respectful enough to take their concerns into consideration. Make sure he gets on their good side. Don’t try to fool them with someone you know is not a good fit for you. You won’t fool them at all because they’ll be able to sense it by the way he carries himself. Understand where they are coming from because soon and very soon, you’ll be in a position where you may possibly have a daughter, and you’ll see exactly why they were so concerned..

Have a blended Christmas: If you and your mate having been dating for a while and your relationship serves the purpose of reaching marriage, I think it would be a great idea for both of your families to get together and have a Christmas dinner. I know this might be a stretch especially if your families don’t live nearby or if you’re in a long distance relationship. As I mentioned, if your relationship is headed towards marriage, it would be great for both families to get together and begin building relationships. You guys will be together for the rest of your lives and that means your families will be bound as well. Give your families a chance to have fun together and create “insiders” that they can laugh about for the years that are to come. If you are in your wedding planning stages, this would also be a great time for your families to talk about ideas and even how they organized their own weddings. It would be a great opportunity for you guys to learn history about the other family and just have a good time in general.

Spend it with each other: I know that some of you may not have much family or maybe your families are in different countries. Just spend time together if you don’t want to spend it with friends. EXERCISE A WHOLE LOT OF SELF CONTROL. Don’t put yourself in a position where you may compromise your values. Go out to dinner or even better, make dinner at home together. Watch a movie to end the night off, but don’t get too cuddly before you step into territory that you can’t handle. Spend some of that time talking about your future and see what he would also like for the future.

Make sure you give God His shine! I’m not sure how many of us were raised on the whole “Santa Claus” theory, but I definitely was not. Christmas has been made into a social event where we spend time and money getting gifts for our friends, co-workers, and loved ones. That’s a nice gesture when it comes from the heart, but let’s not forget to acknowledge the ULTIMATE GIFT to mankind, which is Jesus Christ. God sent down His son to save us and redeem us from all sin. Without this gift, we would not be able to have a relationship. We would be stuck in the life of “religion” where our standing with God would be determined by laws, rituals, and sacrifices. Jesus Christ came down to redeem us and grant us His Holy Spirit so that we are forever connected to him without performing that tasks required in the past. Let’s be grateful for Jesus. Let’s acknowledge Him and the sacrifice He made for mankind.

Now, for those of you who like to get technical, we all know that December 25th was not the exact day that Jesus was born. The date was not meant to be literal. It is simply a day of observance. Of all the days in the year, this particular day is given so that we celebrate Jesus and give Him the recognition that He is due, although we should be doing this on a daily basis. Let’s Celebrate Jesus!

God loves you.

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