I want to get married! Where should I be spiritually?

Ethel and Jed have been talking for a few months. Jed was very active in church and also expressed that he wanted to become a pastor sometime in the future. Ethel was a churchgoer, but didn’t make the conscious effort to really build her relationship with God. She had made some progress, but did not feel that she was where she needed to be. After a few months, Jed made it known to Ethel that his intention for the relationship was that they get married or at least start planning for marriage in the upcoming year. Ethel immediately expressed that she didn’t feel she was in the right place to be his partner in ministry and that maybe marriage in the near future was not right for her.

“So if you are interested in getting married, but you are not really where you need to be spiritually, should you be married?”

Well, what do you define as “where you need to be spiritually”? I think within your own self,  your spirit let’s you know whether or not you need to rekindle that relationship or if you just need to continue on the path you have been on. We all have work to do when it comes to furthering our relationship with God. We are not perfect, but it should be our goal to strive for perfection in Jesus Christ. What is marriage? Marriage is a covenant between two people and God. It is an institution ordained by God in order to further his kingdom and bring glory to His name. Marriage is a MINISTRY. If you are not ready for that type of responsibility in Christ, you should not put yourself in that situation.

Spiritual growth is necessary before you enter a relationship. Being in tune with the spirit is such a vital part of life and even more vital when it comes to choosing your life partner. If you go ahead of the Holy Spirit, it could end catastrophically. I’m sure you don’t want to be stuck in a marriage that was not part of your destiny. There’s nothing worse than not living in the purpose that God has ordained for you. Being single is such an essential time to build your relationship with God; and it’s a foundation that will elevate your next relationship. If you meet someone, enter a relationship, and you begin praying together, it’s such a blessing. The greatest thing anyone can do for you is pray for you, and to be able to do that in a relationship and have your significant other do the same on your behalf is something that you should strive for.

“So how do I start building/rebuilding a relationship with God?”

So now, it is your responsibility to build a relationship with God. The first step is to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour. This can be done anywhere as long as it is in front of a number of people. We are asked to declare that we believe in God, and that his son, Jesus Christ, came to die on the cross for our iniquities. I think the easiest place to get this done is at church. If you have already accepted Jesus as your personal Saviour, I suggest that you say a prayer of re-dedication. Re-dedicate your life to God and ask him to propel you forward in this relationship.

The bible states in John 1:1, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” The only way to get to know God is through his Word. The bible highlights so many traits of Jesus, as well as His purpose for His children. We are all heirs of God’s kingdom and therefore have access to all of His promises. His promise is for you to live an appeasing life to His glory.

Let prayer follow suit. Commit yourself into God’s hands and always ask for His guidance. We all get off track in our devotion and prayer time. We fall down, however, it’s even more important that we get back up. Ask God for the spirit of consistency. Use your greatest efforts to connect to God on a deeper level. Don’t let your only time with God be on a Sunday morning.

Developing this relationship will set you up to hear from God more clearly so that He can direct your path and lead you into the marriage that will bring Him the greatest glory.

God loves you!

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