Incorporating Christ into your relationship

“How do you incorporate Christ in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship?”

God should be ALLLLL over that, my friend. God is such an integral part of making your relationship fit for the destiny God has created on your behalf.

1. Pray Together

From the moment you guys begin the relationship. It’s important to cultivate a habit of praying together. Commit your relationship into God’s hands. I mentioned in another post that when my husband and I began dating, the first thing he did was commit our relationship into God’s hands. It was such a good feeling and it made me realize even more that I was entering the right relationship. So pray to God for direction in the relationship and in life as well because it all becomes one thing. Your relationship will affect your life, and your life will affect your relationship. Having a solid foundation in Christ will keep you guys strong as a couple.

2. Find a devotional that you can do together

Praying is important in order to defend yourselves against the enemy as well as acquire direction from God, but you also need to build yourselves in the Word of the Lord together. Go to your local Christian book store or find something online. My husband and I began by doing the Bible Gateway Couple’s Devotion, which would be sent to our emails. We felt that it wasn’t enough and so we went to Morning star and found “Love Dare 365 Devotional”. Set some time to read the bible together and fellowship as a couple.

3. Make it a goal to abstain from sex

Abstinence or Celibacy is a very important part of life as well as your relationship. In 1 Corinthians 3:16 and 4:19, the bible tells us that our bodies are the temple of God, and the home of the Holy Spirit. Having sex is against God’s will and is a sin against your own body. A lot of us don’t want to realize or accept the fact that sex is a very spiritual act. When you have sex with someone, you become ONE with them.  You create a covenant with that person spiritually. Now, if you’re having sex with someone that is going through spiritual battles, you are then accessing those spirits and will begin to experience those battles as well. You will also start to develop their character traits. If you are with someone who has a bad temper, you may not realize it, but you will begin to have a temper as well. You are becoming ONE when you have sex with someone, so what they do, you will also do. This is a really short version of what spirit transfers can do, but aside from that, engaging in sexual intercourse opens up a chance for you to get S.T.I.’s or even become attached to the person you’re having sex with, although he most likely will not become your husband.

Remaining abstinent or celibate will allow your mind to be clear.  It’s very difficult to make sound decisions about your life when you’re always mesmerized by the sex that your having with your mate. You may just end up with someone who you were only physically/sexually attracted to, whereas you should’ve been mentally and spiritually connected.

Do yourself a favor and make the right choice. Sex is best when you’re experiencing that with the man you are married to. No regrets.

4. Participate in events that will bring you closer to God.

It’s good to have a personal relationship with God, but as I mentioned earlier, it’s even better when a couple fellowships with God together. Find a bible study group that you want to be part of. Learn God’s word in an open setting with other believers. Go to Gospel concerts and praise God together. Cultivate a habit of being one, and do things together because that is exactly what marriage is.

God loves you.

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