I’ve noticed that social media has heightened some of our desires for what we think our lives should emulate. These desires and infatuations are hidden behind the numerous hashtags that include but are not limited to #powercouple, and #relationshipgoals.

So, what exactly is a “power couple”? On social media, a power couple is a couple who physically exude class and excellence based on photographs taken, or videos they decide to put out in reference to the love that they may share. When considering a power couple, their media shots must portray some form of beauty, regality, wealth, or they simply need to do something that calls the attention of others.

Everything about these hashtags point to the fact that we base our expectations on one’s ability to take an amazing photograph. We are in awe of the romance or how beautiful a photo may cause us to perceive one’s relationship. We are not considering what may actually be going on. I’m sure many of you have heard term, “a picture can say a thousand words.” We force ourselves to believe that the words of each picture are beautiful, elegant, worthy, majestic, romantic, goals, and etc. We don’t ever consider the possible negativity that may be in it, since we refuse to put these individuals in a box filled with realities.

What many of us don’t realize is that we are subtly creating idols out of images or celebrities based on what their photos or videos say they are. It is very easy to put on a face when others are watching, but we have no idea how things truly are on the inside, yet we are hoping and praying for what they have simply because it is appealing to our eyes and imagination. A picture can say a thousand words, but we only seem to focus on the words that breed happiness, positivity, and a yearning for what we assume a particular couple may have.

The Facebook and Instagram pages are meant to provide inspiration for weddings and to celebrate love. In turn, its consumers are mistaking that objective for a man-made criteria into what love, engagements, and weddings must look like. It thus causes individuals to equate love and a good relationship to whether or not their photographs are “feature worthy”. For those that are not aware, “feature-worthy” is a photograph that catches the eye of popular social media pages, which then feature the photo on their platforms.

So, what exactly do we know about Jay-Z and Beyonce? Apparently they are “the” power couple of all time. What makes them a power couple? Is it their fame? In that case, maybe they are, but to be quite honest, I’m sure that at least 98% of us don’t know them personally, which then translates to us not knowing them at all. The person you see at concerts or in the media is not the same person you will see at home, most times.

Let’s do a better job of identifying “power couples” or couples that we can look up to for positive and Godly influence. If you don’t know them personally, you absolutely cannot put them on a pedestal. Even with those that you do know personally, when it comes to marriage, everything is not rosy and peachy. There will be times where they argue, insult each other, cry, kick and scream, and etc., and that’s just natural in marriage. It’s a huge commitment to each others flaws, however, what truly matters is the fact that they choose to be better and to get out of the troubles they are facing at that moment.

Let’s acknowledge that we should not put any relationship on a pedestal simply because we are all human and fall short. Although a relationship may look great on the outside, that’s simply what it is-the outside. You don’t know what the couple goes through when they are in the confines of their home. Relationships are hard and marriage is even more work. Couples do not agree on all days of the week, and some may fight really dirty, but because they look good on your screen, you refute that possibility. Some people are abused on a regular day, but make up and a nice outfit can hide that. You can’t say that you want what someone else has when you don’t know the root of their relationship and what goes on behind closed doors. You also don’t know what the foundation of their marriage is, and what kinds of spirits are encompassed within their marriage.

On the other hand, so many of us want something that we are not ready to work for. We all want that God-fearing man, but we should be asking ourselves if we are fit to be with that man. Are we willing to get up in the middle of the night and pray intensely? Are you willing to intercede for others? Are willing to go to bible studies during the week? Are you willing to live a life of SERVICE? All men of God may not do all of these at once, but it’s the core of living a life dedicated to God and his children. If you know you are not ready for that, then you need to re-evaluate your true intentions. You can’t force yourself to go after something simply because it looks good on paper, or on the surface. There’s more to the lifestyle than what you’re able to see, and it may just be beyond what you can handle.

As children of God, we should look beyond what is superficial. Looks will take you nowhere. We don’t realize it, but we are making idols out of a particular image we feel represents love and beauty. By doing that, we are corrupting the true meaning of those things when our minds are concerned. We in turn feel inadequate if our relationships don’t look that particular way, or we shut down potential relationships because they don’t fit our standard when it comes to the superficial nature of it. We should learn to identify power couples based off of learnable traits we see in them. For example, if you notice that a particular couple addresses each other in a loving and respectful manner, and you think it’s admirable, then you try to emulate it. All-in-all, photos are beautiful and it’s great to celebrate marriage, but don’t get caught up in creating superficial standards for yourself and those around you.

 God loves you.

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