Praying Aggressively vs. Patiently about HIM

The question:

“Being aggressive vs. being patient when it comes to praying about meeting your significant other. By that I mean, are you supposed to just be patient and wait for God’s time or are you supposed to pray aggressively and ask God to speed up the meeting process?”

Honestly, I think you should pray in general, and also be patient about the right man. I believe a number of us have heard the saying that there are three answers to prayer. It’s either yes, not right now, or no, because there’s something better on the way. It’s not in your best interest to try and rush God.

I think some of our priorities have been put in the wrong place. We have become a generation where a certain percentage of us are obsessed with getting married. In reality, it’s not the marriage that we are obsessed about, but the idea of having a wedding day. We are infatuated with the decor and wedding dresses and etc. We don’t necessarily think so much about the marriage itself and the commitment we will be entering once those few hours quickly come to an end.

You should pray to God as you normally do, but don’t ask Him to speed up the process. If you continue to ask God to speed up the process, you just might get what you pray for and it won’t be what would’ve been the best option for you. God always knows what’s best for you and his timing is never more perfect. What you think may be going against your “biological clock” is not even the slightest concern in God’s mind because He is the Master of miracles. He will never fail to deliver His promises for your life. Focus on God and learn to trust Him. He knows what’s best for you and there will never be a moment where He will desire to give you less than what you’ve inherited.

Society has created such a foolish picture for us. This picture they’ve created forces us to think that our lives are on a timetable. We’ve grown to believe that marriage has to happen in our mid twenties and that if it doesn’t happen, then maybe there’s something wrong with us. After this, we’re expected to have all our children before the age of 40 in order to avoid complications during pregnancy. If you wait too long, and get pregnant at an older age, doctors will try to convince you to abort the child. The world we live in does not operate on faith in God. God doesn’t look at your situation as a barrier, but more like an opportunity to show someone how great he is. You see people having children in their fifties, but oh, I thought the doctor said 38 was pushing it. Let’s have faith God and his power.

Personally, I had been praying for my future husband and family from a young age. It was something that was really important for me especially because I was involved with so many weddings as a child, and so it was all I knew and all I looked forward to. It’s kind of crazy now that I think about it, but I was always taught that it was never too early to pray about your future. I always said a short prayer that God would pair me up with whoever He wanted me to be with, and that it would happen around the age of 25. I don’t know why 25 was the age for me, but I probably sat there and calculated how long it would take me to finish school and get my life together, and then went on from there.

A few years ago, I had been in and out of relationships and “talking”ships, and I was just over it. I was sick of meeting the same types of guys that weren’t mature enough to see marriage in the near future. A number of them did not want to put the immature life behind them and I didn’t want to be stuck in those situations hoping to get engaged someday. The summer after my last unrealistic relationship, I went to PENSA convention. -For those of you that may not know, PENSA stands for Pentecost Students and Associates. It’s a ministry within my church that is for people entering college, those in college, and those who are working as well as those who have degrees. We get together from all over America and have a convention every other year.- Throughout that convention, my prayer was that God wouldn’t allow me to waste anymore time on any guy that I wasn’t going to have a future with. It was either marriage or nothing at all. Each day of that convention, I continued to pray the same simple prayer.

I had been single (absolutely no one in the picture) for about a year before I met my husband. I had met him about 9 months after I had said my prayer at the convention. At that time, I was content with where I was in life, and focused on finishing my Bachelor’s degree. Literally a week after I had graduated from college, I met my husband for the second time at a graduation party. This was about a month after my first encounter with him. From that moment, we exchanged numbers and had started talking more, thus taking the relationship further and further. There was no doubt in my mind that he was the man I was supposed to marry and so we began to build ourselves up for marriage.

I never argued with God or yelled at him to hurry up. The people that I “wasted” time on were never really a waste. They prepared me and helped me build the skill of being understanding. The situations I went through made me more compassionate and opened my eyes to see the real world and what people went through. It only helped me as I built myself to be a wife. Don’t take your situations for granted. The people you meet are there to teach you a lesson or a skill. Don’t mistake that for a lifetime invitation.

It only takes faith the size of a mustard seed to move mountains. Let’s make an increase in faith our daily goal. Let’s live a life of faith. If you believe it, you will receive in Jesus’ name. Don’t allow the doubt of this world to consume you. Have faith that the Lord will bring you to the right person at the right time. Prayer does a portion of the job, but if it’s not backed with faith, then you’re simply at a loss.

God loves you.

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