What can we do together as a Christian Couple?

“What are some things that Christian Couples can do together?”


I always tell people that making quiet time a habit within your relationship is the first thing that you guys should focus on doing more than you focus on engaging in other activities. Set the right foundation for your relationship. When my husband asked me to be his girlfriend, I agreed to it and the first thing he said was, “Let’s pray.” I was so shocked to hear it come out of a man’s mouth, but it put me at peace to know that I was getting into a relationship with the right type of man. We started doing Bible Gateway devotions and then later went to Morning Star to find a devotion book to do together. We chose to do “Love Dare 365 Devotional”. Make God the center of your relationship and watch it soar!

In terms of Activities, I believe that you should have a balance of group-like activities and then activities that should just be with the two of you. Group like activities are that which can be done in a group or alone, but are in a very public space. It’s good to keep yourselves from being so intimate all the time. If you plan on not having intercourse through your dating, which I would advise, it’s better to have these kinds of dates; however, from time to time, it’s nice to have alone time, so that you can get to know each other more and discuss the topics that will get you to understand whether or not this man is or is not your future husband.

Group-Like Activities
1. Bowling
2. Mini-Golf
3. Paint Nite
4. Bible Study
5. Concert
6. Ice Skating
7. Laser Tag
8. Six Flags

Alone Time
1. Dinner at a Restaurant
5. Park
6. Botanical Garden
7. Zoo/EcoTarium
8. Gala/Black Tie Events
9. Shows: Fashion, Theatrical, Orchestra, etc
10. Hiking
11.Frozen Yogurt

The events I’ve listed are there to give you an idea. I live in Worcester, and here, there isn’t much to do. Normally, you have to go out of the city to find fun things, and so depending on where you live, you can add or subtract activities. Be CREATIVE!

God loves you.

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