Being Single is NOT a DISEASE!

The scenario:

“I was in a relationship and I had to break up with him. I was really hesitant to break up with my boyfriend because I had been with him for about 8 years and so I didn’t want to start over. Now I’m single and a part of me is regretting the decision I made.”


Being SINGLE is not a death sentence. There is so much more to life than to base your happiness on whether or not you are in a relationship. As some of you continue to read our posts, you may find yourself in a position where you will think deeply about the relationships you are in. You may sit there and decide that a certain man or woman is not for you and decide to break up with them. That’s something that may need to happen, however, we would hope that you would do what’s best for yourself.

Each phase of life is required in order to get into the next. As an infant, you had to drink formula or milk and acquire the appropriate nutrients in order to develop properly. You then went from the stage of constantly being held, to the stage of crawling, and when you mustered enough courage, you got up and started walking. You then grew more an more and were enrolled in school. Each grade in school served the purpose of teaching you something specific or fulfilling a particular objective for the year. If you went to college, you chose a major that then prepared you for whichever career you wanted to follow through with. Every phase of life is required in order to get where you are going. Being single is important for you to groom yourself and prepare for the career of being married. In this previous post, I explain a few things that you can do while you are still single: 4 Things to Focus on while SINGLE.  Take advantage of the time you have to focus on yourself. Once you get out of that stage, your responsibility will be to focus on someone else.

Unfortunately, people decide to stay in very unhealthy relationships just because they are afraid to be single again and they don’t want to “start all over again” in the search for true love. Don’t put your life in danger especially in an abusive relationship. If someone has the guts to hit you once, they will hit you again. They will not stop. In instances like that, they are battling something that you know nothing about. I will continue to say that the best thing you can do for someone is to pray for them, but make sure you get out and pray from a distance. It’s only the Holy Spirit that can change someone. Your life is valuable.

Secondly, if you are with someone that does not treat you well although they don’t physically harm you, don’t be afraid to leave. What do you have to lose? Verbal abuse is still abuse. If this man is not showing you or working on showing you all of the aspects of love listed in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, then he is not going to give you the type of love that God gives His church. If he is immature or selfish, what makes you think that he will grow up or even see the importance of making you his wife? Don’t ignore the signs. God speaks to us in different ways and sometimes the answer is right in our faces. Don’t ignore His instruction.

Being able to find love is such a blessing. Don’t force yourself into a relationship that you have no business being in. I don’t think we all realize how important our destiny is and how the people we surround ourselves with affect that. If you decide to pick the wrong friends, they will ruin your destiny. You could’ve been an amazing artist, but because you decided to associate yourself with people who were lazy and didn’t want to do much for themselves, it resulted in you becoming the same way and forfeiting the greatness that you would’ve achieved.

It’s just a relationship. It’s the ultimate stage of life and so make sure that you are making the right decision.

Say this to yourself: “I am beautiful!”, “I am handsome”. You are worth more than the most precious stone on earth. Jesus found you important enough to die for your sins. No one should ever make you feel that you are not good enough or not important enough. If anyone makes you feel that way, that is more than a cue for you to leave. God will bless you with someone that treats you like royalty. Trust in God and make Him your priority. Everything else that you need will follow suit as long as you put Him first.

God loves you.

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