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“This is for a friend, (not me). 2 years ago she had a dream that she was walking down the aisle in wedding dress and when she walked to the altar, she heard the pastor say: “Hold your husband’s hands,” and when she looked up to see who she is been wed to, it turned out to be a guy she grew up with in her church whose sisters bullied her during youth convention days. When she woke up from that dream, the Holy Spirit made it clear to her that the young man in the dream was her future husband and should pray for him. She fasted and prayed for a couple of days. Fast forward, now he is in a serious relationship and she is worried that the dream won’t come to pass. There have been several occasions where the Holy Spirit or inner voice keeps telling her that the dream will come to pass. She is very worried and confused at the same time. She feels like her mind is playing games on her. When she sees the guy at church, she feels her heart beat and she feels some good vibes towards him but she uncertain about that dream. She’s also scared [and wonders] that if that dream came to pass, how would his sisters treat her or how his friends going to accept her? Any advice for her?”

First, I will say that situations like this are quite tough to deal with. We all hear from the Holy Spirit as long as we are in-tune with Him, but our own thoughts tend to cloud our minds or cause us to misinterpret whether or not what we heard was truly from the Holy Spirit. Personally, I’m a dreamer. I have tons of dreams, and I’ve had a number of them since I was a child. As a child, I had dreams about walking down the aisle, although I wasn’t able to see the face of my husband, as well as other things that happened during that day. I’ve had several wedding dreams at random times when I was not at the point of marriage and even when I wasn’t in a relationship with someone. When I did grow up and find interest in figuring out who my spouse would be, I had a similar thing happen to me. In my mind, I felt like I was supposed to be with a particular person that I had a history with. I didn’t have a dream about it, but everything that was going on at that time kept pointing to that specific person. It wasn’t something that I was excited about because that chapter was closed, but I just couldn’t put aside the fact that there were so many coincidences at that very particular time. I spoke to the person about it because we were still good friends, but he didn’t hear or receive any inclination in regards to what I had in my mind, and so it was put to rest. After all of this, I didn’t end up marrying that individual, but married someone else who I consider to be my soulmate.

So now the question is, was it truly the Holy Spirit speaking to me, or was it my mind that put puzzle pieces together based on genuine coincidences? It’s a very hard thing to decipher because if you ask anyone, they’ll probably tell you that when the Holy Spirit speaks to you, it’s very distinct. That’s quite true, but when it comes to emotions surrounding love or lust, your mind can definitely become clouded and drowned with your own thoughts.

Now, I won’t be the one to tell you whether or not the Holy Spirit was truly speaking to you because I do not know, however, I would just advise you to take your focus off of this particular person you had the dream about. You may just be so focused on him that you’re losing sight of the path the Holy Spirit is directing you towards. I’m not saying that this man is definitely not yours, but if he is yours, the Holy Spirit definitely wouldn’t tell you to just slow your life down and wait for him to get out of this serious relationship that he is in. Stop focusing so much on this dream and just live your life as if you hadn’t had the dream. Don’t be reckless, but focus on God and continue to pray to Him about your own life path. Whether or not this man is truly your future husband, focusing more on God and less on this man will lead to where you need to be. I hope this makes sense. I’m basically trying to tell you that your life still needs to go on. You need to fulfill the purposes designed for you before that dream comes to pass, and so don’t allow your life to be halted simply because you are awaiting a cue from the person you had a dream about.

I mentioned above that in my dreams, I had never seen my husband’s face, but can you believe that before I was introduced to my husband, we were in the same rooms, at the same events countless times, and had mutual friends, but still never ever crossed paths until years later? We never saw each other before. Why do you think that is? God’s timing is the best, and sometimes, we receive a Word and expect for that Word to be manifested right away or in a time frame that we see fit, but in the end, God knows at which point the two of you need to cross paths. If this man is truly yours, maybe this isn’t the appropriate time for you to get together. Yes, he may be in a serious relationship, but relationships form and break at any moment. People that have dated for over 10 years without entering marriage also break up. Being in a serious relationship doesn’t mean that it’ll lead to marriage. People even get engaged and realize that the relationship is not for them. Stop considering his current state in life and just spend time focusing on you. The bible instructs us to pray in the Spirit for the Spirit knows what to pray for on our behalf. Trust the Spirit to intercede on your behalf, and trust God to put things together on your behalf. Get rid of your emotions and stop replaying the dream in your head. The more you do that, the more you get attached to it without full confirmation.

I’m sure we all know that there is nothing that can force a man to get married to someone especially when he is not ready. If the Holy Spirit has not revealed it to him, then it’s just imperative that you focus on yourself until that happens. Don’t get mad when he entertains others. It’s not your place, and it’s a waste of emotions. You’ll be sitting there jealous and envious of someone that may not be for you at that time. Those characteristics will only pull you further away from God. Is it worth it? No.

On the other end, there are many times when we are wrong. I’m not saying that you are necessarily wrong, but just know that it can be a possibility, and that’s why I’m encouraging you to continue living your life while making prayer your greatest tool. God will direct your paths and lead you to the one you are meant to be with at the right time. It may not be this particular person, but that shouldn’t make you sad or upset. In the end, God knows who is right for you, whether it’s the one you expected or not.

When it comes to his sisters and friends, you shouldn’t worry. If this is truly God’s plan for you, then it will fall into place. They may not like you at first, but God works on us all individually and with time. Your job through it all is to continue to pray, and wait for God to direct you. God won’t give you something that isn’t good for you. Spend this time focusing on yourself. Make yourself the most qualified follower of Christ and put all the other things aside. Trust and believe that God will reveal that which needs to be revealed at the right time. Keep an open and CLEAR mind.

I hope this was helpful!

 God loves you.

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